This is where it all began!  I have always loved wearing something classic and simple and pairing it with a unique accessory that shows who I am.  Hence…the creation of Indigo Tilt!

I love how Olivia Palermo has worn basics, that we probably all have in our closets, and complimented them with something unique and unforgettable like these fur pieces.  I even like how she has chosen to mix up the way she has worn them, like in the 2nd picture.  I have no idea if her fur statements are faux or the real deal but either way, there are some beautiful choices out there in both.

And….you may have spied that fabuloso Indigo Tilt shearling Nilah that I think even Oliva would jump for!  There have only been 2 made thus far but who’s to say that will be all.  Either way, if you are interested contact us pronto.

What’s your favorite fur statement?

– ali