The definition of  “alfresco” is: taking place or located in the open air.  

There is a certain kind of freedom in feasting outdoors with family and friends!  One of Indigo Tilt’s philosophies is living a simple life beautifully. Dining alfresco is a perfect beginning, middle, and end to living that lifestyle!  

I also have an affinity towards a beautifully set table.  Today’s post gives several amazing suggestions on how to go about dining with easy elegance…and don’t forget about the menu suggestions we’ve included.  They look awesome as well.

As a family, we have made it a tradition to have a cube of “Table Topics” at dinners.  We’ve had many nights with lots of laughs thanks to our conversations inspired by the questions we’ve discussed from these fun little cubes.  A dinner “must”!

What’s your favorite alfresco memory?