It’s officially summer and we are thrilled about it. Wearing flowy dresses and sipping a beautiful cocktail while dining alfresco is definitely one of our favorite things to do in the summer! Here is what we are loving this month:

1. The “Ruth” Rope Knot Cowrie Collar.  This is one of our favorite summer staples. Made from 100% natural cotton roping, hand knotted with an intricate design of cowrie shells and lambs ear silver baroque pearls. This versatile necklace may be worn with embellished loop closure in front or back. Dress up a plain tee or “tilt” the norm and wear as a decorative collar for formal wear. And if you don’t know the story about why we’ve named this after Ruth Bader Ginsberg, read about it here. Looking for a pop of color? Contact Sloan Boutique in Charlotte (704-338-1400), we created a limited run version of this necklace for them in Hot Pink.

2. Voyage et Cie Rose Candle.  Ali and I are both drawn to scents and the memories they evoke or create. This beautifully smelling candle reminds us of summer rose gardens by the beach. Thanks to our friends at Elston for introducing us to this lovely, hand made candle line that utilizes a 100% natural vegetable blend.

3. Zoku Ice Sphere Molds. When it comes to a perfect cocktail, ice can make all the difference (and FUN). After having these ice spheres frozen with mint, jalapeño and lime in recent beautiful drinks, I decided to try it at home. I tried a few different brands before finding the Zoku molds that work. They create uniform balls of ice that melt slowly and evenly, so drinks stay well-chilled and beautifully balanced down to the last sip. The shimmering ice spheres also create beautiful garnishes.

4. Zara Halter Top Dress.  Ali loves the color and cut of this Halter Dress. She has worn it with and without a belt to rave reviews. And yes, all that is needed is a beautiful cocktail in hand.

5. We Are All One Deep V Neck Tank.  Ali has this tank and has found so many fun things to wear it with. Spiritual Gangster does a great job with inspiring messages on their shirts. Reminds us of our graffiti belts and their positive affirmations!

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation. Do you have any favorites we need to know about?  Let us know!

– loren & ali