If you live up North, this may be a “tuck away” idea. For us in the South, with temperatures fluctuating between 45 and 60 degrees weekly, this is the perfect HERO closet item.

Fun fact — Did you know the shirtdress (initially called the shirtwaist) was created by Christian Dior in 1947?  His “New Look,” was meant to be more practical after the economic scarcity of World War II, and became an iconic dress for the 1950’s and evolving to this day. 

His brilliance has translated every year since and is loved because it works for so many different styles and body types.  What I love most about the shirt dress is its versatility in the closet. The shirt dress can go from casual to formal with some clever styling and it’s also the perfect layering accessory. As we transition the seasons, you can wear it over jeans or with your NILAH Leather Top. Add some chunky jewelry, a belt (we love our Josephine Lariat for this job!), change up your shoes or even wear it as a beach cover up in the summer. 

Do you own a shirt dress? We’d love to see how you style it (especially with your Indigo Tilt items!)