Two of my favorite necklaces, of all time, come from LOVE HEALS!  I have worn their things and followed them for years and am excited to write about and share such a thoughtful, kind and beautiful company.  Their designs last forever and are always something special.  I still get compliments my necklaces of theirs that I have had for 15 years and still wear regularly.  They describe their company and jewelry beautifully below.  I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have!

“While LOVE HEALS jewelry is often sought after for its rich textures and worldly design element, our pieces are also infused with our company’s intention for self-love, healing and service.

A bohemian lifestyle company based in Ojai, CA, LOVE HEALS offers hand crafted products which serve not only our wholesale and retail clientele, but support global causes for social justice and environmental preservation.

Adriana Goddard and her son, Gunnar Lovelace, founded LOVE HEALS in 2005 on an organic communal farm with the vision to create a company that is committed to supporting nature and humanity.

Over the past ten years, our dedication to service has provided a more sustainable future for many villages in need.

When you purchase LOVE HEALS pieces, you’re not only acquiring precious amulets and talismans, you’re contributing toward our many important charities and causes.”

– ali