After Loren & I had both watched the documentary on RBG we were in total awe & gratitude of this incredible woman’s contribution & determination. We also loved hearing that she likes to give her judicial robe a feminine TILT by wearing assorted collars depending on the event. Loren insisted we send her one of our Collars as a thank you for all she has done & hopefully add to her collection. I had my doubts she would ever receive it, however, less than 2 weeks later we received this incredible “thank you note” & the mention that she will be wearing her new Indigo Tilt Collar this term. We are totally honored by her response & thrilled at the idea of possibly being part of history with a true icon & legend. Thank you, Justice Ginsburg, for you all that you do & who you’ve chosen to be. We, of course, have renamed our collar to the RUTH Rope Knot Collar!

We have recently heard that Justice Ginsburg is in the hospital after a fall.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and are hoping for a speedy recovery!

– ali & loren