Much like this crazy weather we’ve had recently here in the Carolinas, our favorites list is also a bit of a mixed bag. Nonetheless, all of these are items we’ve tried, and are true winners in our books. Our best recommendations always come from friends, so we are just passing along some of ours. Please send us a note and let us know about anything you are loving as well!

1. Reading Glasses.  It’s official!  Ali and I both can’t survive with our readers. Thanks goodness there are so many cute ones to choose from. I’ve gotten many a pair from eyebobs. Ali recently ordered these and loves them.

2. Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner. While Charlotte was only hit mildly from the past two hurricanes, Ali found a a way to get control over some of the bad hair days with this conditioner. I can’t wait to try it as frizz is an everyday deal for me!

3. Stud Cuffs. Part of our NEW Indigo Tilt Fall/Winter Jewelry Collection. We are in love with the bold statement these “studly” cuffs make alone or layered. We have been wearing ours everyday and pretty much feel like wonder women!

4. Ugg Replacement Insoles.  Brilliant tip from Ali! Why have I never thought of this?  Every year at this time of year, Ali replaces the insoles of her Uggs.  She says it’s a must and makes them last much much longer. Mark your calendars ladies and gents!

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I had a tough summer of eye makeup and mascara running and smudging.  After changing up mascaras etc. my favorite makeup guru @spreadingthepretty suggested this primer and it’s worked wonders. Definitely worth a try if you have similar challenges.

– ali & loren