Marla Aaron’s jewelry is a new favorite of mine!  She has found the perfect balance in her designs with a delicate masculinity that maintains versatility and elegance.  I’m in love.  In addition, her “Lock your mom Project,” explained below, touches a special place in my heart having had been a single mother myself for several years.

As best described on her website, “Marla Aaron launched her eponymous collection in 2013 when her combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry could no longer be ignored.

What began with one lock is now an entire collection designed to be worn in infinite ways and used as “jewel tools” with individuals’ own collections—to redefine the “precious” in jewelry with individuality. Although recognized for its streamlined, industrial look, the collection is deeply rooted in the personal and emotional jewelry of the Victorian and Georgian eras. Her work is collected by a growing group of jewelry aficionados who anxiously await her latest “lock” releases.

The #lockyourmom Project, created by Marla, gives single moms sterling silver Baby Heartlocks just for them. To date Marla and her team have given out hundreds of Heartlocks to deserving single moms all over the country.”

I adore Marla’s stunning and elaborate hardware!  Having been a “single mom” for a number of years her #lockyourmom Project hits a special place in my heart and I love the versatility of her pieces allowing you to wear them for every day or more formal occasions.

What’s your favorite Marla Aaron piece?