The calendar says we are officially in the Fall season. Here in North Carolina (with 90 degree days still), it sure doesn’t feel like it! But you don’t have to wait for the crisp chill in the air to enjoy Autumn’s signature scents.

According to olfactory experts, there IS a science behind the scent of Fall.  You’ve probably noticed it upon walking outside anytime near October, a distinct smell that will automatically bring up memories of carving pumpkins, warm blankets, and football games.  Then it progresses to the first fire in the fireplace and smell of pumpkin spice. I love the triggered mindfulness these scents represent for the change in the seasons.

Ali and I are enchanted by beautiful scents and the powerful ability they have to mark a moment or period in time. In fact, the name Indigo Tilt stems from the idea that a name should make a person feel something and trigger the senses. The word Indigo brings about a feeling of individuality, hope, bucolic surroundings, delight, and serenity. Tilt was the perfect match given an innate fascination with uniqueness in design and life. Most often when the norm is shifted…or rather, tilted…beauty is found.

Apparently, we aren’t alone in this “scent”-timent. As part of Anthropologie’s fall 2018 home collection, “Portrait of a Home”, they are selling a variety of fall-scented candles from Illume, Gaia, and Capri Blue. My personal seasonal preference is a woodsy, fig aroma, (I recently purchased the Alixx Bois de Figuier Candle above) and I often choose a new candle based on the decorative vessel it is housed in. They make beautiful vases! I also love the Perin Mowen natural beeswax candles year round.

What’s your favorite? Do you have a signature home scent or do you change with the seasons?