This is one of my favorite posts to write every year.  I am definitely someone who wears a hat!  I am fair and freckly and religious about making sure the sun stays out of my eyes and off of my face.  I’ve also had plenty of laser treatments to remove those freckles and don’t want to see them return.

I make sure that whether I am planning on heading to the pool, sitting at a lacrosse game or taking a walk that I have the right hat for the occasion. Today’s selections are hard to decide on just one, however, some of the price points are so good it may justify getting two.

I am definitely partial to G.Viteri’s hats and love the Constellations hat for almost all events.  I also think Lola Hats does a beautiful job with detail and think the Bandana Hat would be great all summer especially if you are worried about a breeze blowing it off.

Protect your face and wear a hat!  What events are you finding a hat necessary?

– ali