“Monday Blues, Back to School Blues, Feeling Blue”… I think Blue has gotten a bad rap being associated with feeling sad.  It’s no secret we adore blue, Indigo Blue if we had to choose. According to color meanings, it’s the color of intuition, perception and the higher mind.  People often ask where the name “Indigo Tilt” comes from:

A name should make a person feel something and trigger the senses. Much like a smell can bring you back to a lovely memory, a name should touch your senses and recall a feeling that draws you in. The word Indigo brings about a feeling of individuality, hope, bucolic surroundings, delight and serenity. Tilt is the perfect match, given an innate fascination with uniqueness in design and life. Most often when the norm is shifted…or rather, tilted…beauty is found.

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colors and how they effect your mood?