We were thrilled and honored to join Morphew Concept for a combined trunkshow last week at Jolie Jordan Boutique in New York.  It was a perfect collaboration given our like minded philosophy and appreciation for artistry, inspiration and stories behind original hand made creations.

If you have an interest in fashion and history, you will LOVE this inspirational lifestyle brand (by Bridgette Morphew and Jason Lyon) sourcing the greatest pieces of fashion’s past from around the globe with an eye toward modern trends. While Morphew Concept certainly is a designer label vintage shop, Bridgette says,

“For me it’s not about the labels as such it’s about the history of why they were wearing at the time and what was happening to women in that era. That’s what defines vintage fashion for me and that’s my passion. We have such a rich history of the past, which I love sharing and awakening people to the beauty of bygone eras. So that it is inspirational to the future generations. That’s what drives me to bring it forward to the public.”

Jason is equally passionate about fashion history and drawn to pieces from both the world’s most famous as well as forgotten designers, focusing on the unique understanding of quality and artistry which is often lost on today’s assembly lines of mass produced apparel.

Indigo Tilt most definitely relates. The artisanal inspiration, details and thoughtful craftsmanship behind our original designs are meant to enrich the story of a curated life.  Each piece in our collection is intended to carry a treasured story to compliment individuality and carry a legacy that grows more attractive with time.

What are your thoughts on vintage apparel? Do you have any favorite pieces with a cherished story?


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