A good friend of mine once said that she considers exercise part of her daily life job. I’ve lived by that maxim ever since (even if it’s just walking the dog).  It clears my head, helps me organize my thoughts and if I’m being completely honest, is my justification for indulging in some of my favorite treats.

Exercise is a great habit…what’s not such a great habit is my “haven’t changed out of my workout clothes” uniform. While I’m lucky that I work from home, I do feel for the sake of the people I run into on the daily, I should elevate my regimentals.

Thankfully the booming athleisure industry has continued its convergence course of fashion and athletics; allowing exercisers and non-exercisers easy and comfortable transitional attire that looks great.

I love all the selections above and could definitely see myself wearing some of these versatile pieces with jeans or a fun metallic pleated skirt for a weekend outing!

What are your faves? Any other versatile recommendations?


PS – Some new Indigo Tilt earrings could UP your uniform game as well…details coming soon!